Once Upon a Galaxy

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What is Galaxy?

In Galaxy, you will assemble a crew as you sail across a diverse and spectacular galaxy of your favorite storybook characters, legends of myth and other cosmic entities as you battle your way through the galaxy to be the last one standing!

Meet Your Captains

The Collector

The Collector is a dragon of exquisite taste. He sits atop his hoard of life's finest treasures; soft clean sheets, fresh morning coffee, and his favorite beanie baby.

captain The Collector

Professor Who's Who

Step right up to learn not just one lesson but two! A spell for you is a spell for me, don't you see?! Spells shouldn't target, let them be free!

captain Professor Who's Who

Lil' Genie

Don't let her size fool you, this Lil' Genie conjures the powers of the cosmos to turn even the most grandiose dreams into reality.

captain Lil' Genie

Take Your Games Mobile

All the power, fun, and strategy of a card battler at the tip of your finger.

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Battle Anytime

Play against asynchronous opponents at your own pace in order to beat the best.

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Play With Your Friends

Play live custom private lobbies against 5 of your friends in strategic pitched gameplay.

Captain Daisy

Show Your Style

Customize your decks and upgrade your cards to express your personal style. Vibe with the Animals, fight alongside mythical Heroes, scheme with treacherous Villains, loot your opponents as a Pirate and hoard treasures with ferocious Dragons.

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