Who are We?

We Are Million Dreams

Our Dream

At Million Dreams, we want to create games that enchant our players and inspire them to join us in turning dreams into reality.

Matthew Place - Chief Dreaming Officer

"My job is to hang out with my friends and make cool stuff. What could be better?"

Matthew Place looks up at the stars and tells us what he sees. An experienced visionary in popular card games such as Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone, Matt is the dreamer of games and it is his visions that will help us define the future of gaming.

Andrew Parnell - Captain Parney

"I am the one to make things happen."

Parney helms our wonderful ship as we sail the stars. He ensures that our motley crew of artists, engineers and dreamers reaches our destination. Parney's love for games permeates his entire life and cannot wait to share the amazing things we are working on with players everywhere.

Alexis - Galatic Architect

"I truly can't wait for people to play our game and fall in love with it the way I have while making it."

Alexis brings her immense background working on Magic the Gathering and Magic the Gathering Online to help us build the galaxy that Matt envisions. Alexis really enjoys the balance of creative game design and technical engineering, both of which make Galaxy a blast to play.

We truly cannot wait to have you on our intersteller journey with Once Upon a Galaxy, where our dreams are guide us and anything is possible.

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